It is our goal to make HLA a positive learning environment for your child. In order to ensure that we provide the best possible support for your child during the school day, we ask that you help us by supporting school policies, including those described below.

Dress Code


Bottoms– Navy pants with belt (no denim, jeans or sweatpants)

Tops– Light blue, white, or navy blue shirt, (button down or polo shirt), either short or long sleeve. In cold weather, a navy sweater or cardigan, (no hoodies), may also be worn.

Foot Apparel– Dress shoes or sneakers will be permitted at the student’s option. No flip-flops or backless/strapless sandals are allowed due to safety reasons.



Bottoms– Navy pants with belt (no denim, jeans or sweatpants), dress, skirt, jumper, (not plaid) or skort (no denim). White or navy blue tights.

Tops– Light blue, white or navy blue shirt, (button down or polo shirt), either short of long sleeve. In cold weather, a navy sweater or cardigan (no hoodies) may also be worn.

Foot Apparel– Dress shoes or sneakers shall be permitted at the student’s option. No flip-flops or backless/strapless sandals are allowed due to safety reasons.

Please note: Hoodies or hooded sweatshirts/sweaters are not considered to be appropriate dress code.

Just a note on Hebrew Language Academy t-shirts in general:

T-shirts, including school shirts are NOT dress code. The only exception to this will be during trips and/or spirit week and scheduled PE days. Wearing an HLA t-shirt during a trip is expected, there will be no exceptions.

HLA will allow students to wear navy blue sweat pants and either a navy blue t-shirt, HLA school t-shirt or white or navy blue polo shirt on scheduled PE days.

Thank you.


HLA does not guarantee busing nor facilitate the transportation process. Each of the children is entered into the Department of Education (DOE), Office of Pupil Transportation, database system. The DOE determines who is eligible for transportation assistance, and the DOE will notify parents directly about pupil transportation.

Health/Medical Services

School Nurse

A school nurse is available at posted hours. These hours are typically posted on the school nurse’s office door (or are available from the director of school operations). If a student is injured, the faculty member in charge must bring him or her to the school nurse. In a medical emergency in school, the School Nurse should be notified immediately.

Only the school nurse may determine if a child must go home for medical reasons. In the event that a school nurse is not present, the school must receive permission from a child’s parent or legal guardian to allow the child to go home for medical reasons.

Medication Administration

Except as expressly permitted by the School, School employees, including faculty, are not to administer medication of any kind (including Tylenol and cough medicine) to students. Only registered nurses and doctors who have proper authorization are permitted to do so, except in the event of a true emergency. Students may not have prescription or non-prescription medication in their possession without the express written consent of the school nurse.

In the absence of a school nurse, only a principal, dean, teacher, coach, physical therapist, or occupational therapist, who is authorized and has received training in safely administering medications from a school nurse or licensed physician, may administer oral, topical, inhalant, or injectable medications. No medication (prescription or non-prescription), however, should be administered to any student without the written order of a licensed physician, licensed dentist, advanced practice registered nurse or physician assistant, and the written authorization of a parent or guardian.

The administration of medications as prescribed shall be recorded on an Individual Student Medication Form. As each form is completed, the school nurse will file it in the student’s cumulative health record.

CPR and Defibrillation

The School has access to an Automatic External Defibrillators (“AED”) for emergency purposes. An AED is a portable, lightweight, automatic external defibrillator that is used to shock the heart of a person who is undergoing sudden cardiac arrest. The use of this piece of equipment requires training and is an essential part of administering emergency first aid immediately to a heart attack victim. The AED enables a trained individual to provide potentially lifesaving assistance in an emergency. Since sudden cardiac arrest can strike anyone at anytime, it is vital to know what to do and who to call to perform CPR and defibrillation.

H1N1 Policies and Procedures

HLA follows the New York City Department of Educations policies and procedures for addressing the current H1N1 virus. To read current updates on HLA and NYC DOE’s plans for addressing the H1N1 virus, please visit our H1N1 Notice page.

School Safety

The maintenance of safety and good order is the collective responsibility of all school staff, parents, students and agencies such as the NYPD/NYCDOE Division of Safety. To help ensure safety, HLA has the following policies:


To maintain safety and security, only authorized visitors are allowed in HLA. No visitors (children, parents, spouse, partners, or friends) may come to HLA without official prior approval from the Head of School or the Head of School’s designee. All visitors must sign in at the security desk and show a legal identification. All visitors must enter the Main Office and express the purpose of their visit for approval by the Head of School or the Head of School’s designee. Unless staff has planned visits in their schedules, the presence of visitors may negatively reflect on classroom activities causing unwarranted disruption and possibly diminish productivity.

Personal Belongings

In the interest of safety and security, the School reserves the right to search all bags and containers brought onto the School premises, at any time.

Fire Drill/Evacuation Procedures

The School conducts fire and other emergency drills in accordance with applicable state and local laws. All staff and students are expected to participate in such drills, as building and safety personnel require.

Separation of Church and State

HLA is a public school and public schools are prohibited from encouraging religious devotion or instructing students in any religion, although teaching about religion from a purely secular, academic viewpoint is permitted. Each HLA employee will participate in professional development to ensure that proper guidelines are followed at all times with no exception. If a staff member willingly and knowingly teaches about religion in an improper way as a public school employee of HLA, such employee is subject to discipline, up to and including termination of employment. Staff members are also not permitted to supervise or otherwise participate in non-instructional religious clubs or activities taking place on campus, except in a purely custodial capacity. The staff will, however, accommodate any student’s personal religious observance, as any public school must do under the First Amendment.

For more information about HLA’s policies and procedures, please contact our school offices directly.


Building Updates


Friday, April 1, 2016

Dear HLA Parents and Staff,

Hebrew Language Academy, Friends of Hebrew Language Academy, and Hebrew Public have no involvement or affiliation with the development of the property adjacent to our school.  To the best of our knowledge, the owner of the adjacent property (who also owns the HLA building) has submitted an application to the Department of Buildings that refers to the project as “New building for faculty and staff housing to be used in conjunction with 2186 Mill Ave.”  Neither Hebrew Language Academy, Friends of Hebrew Language Academy, or Hebrew Public have any agreement – formal or informal – with the owner regarding the use of any new building for faculty or staff housing purposes.

– The Hebrew Public Team


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dear HLA Parents, Students and Staff,

As you know from prior communications, there have been concerns about intermittent odor issues at HLA stemming from activity at the adjacent Reds building.  Based on those concerns, we commissioned several rounds of air quality tests, including formaldehyde testing on 2/5/16, and three rounds of tests for volatile organic compounds in February and March.  Several parents asked to see copies of these reports.  They can be found below. In addition, several parents have raised questions about the history and construction of our building (which opened in 2015).  The Remedial Completion Report for the site can also be found below.


Based on our review of these reports, we do not believe that there is any cause for concern regarding environmental safety at HLA.  We have also shared all of these reports with the New York City Department of Education, New York City Department of Health, and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine’s Pediatric Environmental Health Center.

Thank you.

The Hebrew Public Team

Click Here for ECMS Report

Click Here for Madison Seating MSDS

Click Here for Fire Dept. of New York Report

Click Here for the Environmental Consulting and Management Services Mold Air Sampling Report

Click Here for the Department of Environmental Protection Report

Click Here for Building Update FAQs

Click Here for HLA VOC Testing Data

HLA VOC Testing Data – Please note that this document contains 3 reports. In all 3 reports, the letters “ND” next to a given chemical’s name means that this chemical was not detected.  In the report 1, any detected chemicals appear in bold;in reports 2 and 3, any detected appear in yellow highlight

Click Here for Hazardous Materials Remedial Closure Report

Click Here for HLA Formaldehyde Testing Report