The Hebrew Language Academy Charter School (“HLA”) is a dual language public elementary school located in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 2009, HLA’s mission is to provide a nurturing yet rigorous dual language program committed to fostering academic excellence and a high degree of Hebrew language proficiency. Our school provides students with a sophisticated core curriculum in English Language Arts, mathematics, the sciences, social studies, art, music, technology and physical education. We incorporate Hebrew language instruction across the curriculum through a partial immersion proficiency model.

At HLA, we recognize that our students are growing up in an increasingly “global” community. Our entire educational program is geared towards providing students with a solid foundation to become ethical, productive citizens in this global community. We help our students learn social and civic responsibility through the integration of community service and service learning into their classroom studies, and diversity, tolerance and openness are emphasized throughout the curriculum and school life.

HLA currently serves 628 K-7 students. The school plans to add a grade level each school year until it ultimately serves grades K to 8 in the 2017-2018 school year. HLA’s student population reflects the diversity of our surrounding community in Brooklyn, New York. Most of our students come from families with at least one foreign-born parent, and a majority comes from homes where languages other than English are spoken at home (Russian, Hebrew, Creole, Spanish, among others). In addition, more than half of our students are eligible for free or reduced lunch.