Greetings! Attached please find the HLA Discipline Code and Receipt. We encourage you to review this with your child. We will be reviewing this in school as well; to make sure our children understand what is expected of them. Please make sure your child is dressed according to the HLA dress code. All students should arrive to school on time, wearing the HLA Dress Code so they are in compliance with the 2012 Discipline Code. Please make sure you sign the HLA Discipline Code receipt, and return it to the main office. Each child must have a signed receipt on file in the main office.

Also, congratulations to class Netanya for their Reader’s Theater Production of short plays including 3 Billy Goats GruffRed Riding Hood and Three Little Pigs. This lesson provided instruction focused on fluency and reading with expression. Great job!

Thank you.

Enjoy the rest of the day!